Monday, 7 June 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 6

Even today theres no topic prompt from NaBloPoMo......
I saw a hindi movie today and thgought will write about it. The movie i saw was "Rajneeti", meaning politics. I dont follow bollywood much, but did saw the movie's promotional trailers and thought that its based on Rajiv, sonia gandhi n congress.......what a fool i was, i was thrilled to see the way the director interpreted the epic Mahabharat and that too made it relevent to current political scenario of India. I have seen Prakash Jhas other movie - Apharan and loved his screenplay and came to know that his other movie Mrityudand is also good one, which am yet to see. In Rajneeti, with so many characters, the script is balanced in such a way that everyone got equal parts to play, like in chess board, even removal of one could spoil the entire game sequence......very strong characters and theres no hero or villain, as everyone playes into the politic's greed of power and do anything to attain it - the same like Mahabharat characters with Krishna and shaguni playing dirty politics n tactics on both sides, with just leaving the end with a positive note.
The way the script revolves around 2 brothers and their families, one dying and the other becoming physically challenged and both the siblings ( second generation) fighting for power, with lots of twists and truns, both opponents winning every alternate round, and keeps your finger crossed till the end.......Overall, a well thought of, well executed script and screenplay and wonderful performance from everyone who played their parts to the best of their abilities.......WATCHABLE

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Srividya Padmanabhan said...

Nice ! I dint read ur post as i want see it myself :)