Thursday, 26 February 2009

Where is the WORLD heading to???????

Last week the news to hit all the English dailies are about a 15 year old mother of a new born child and the 13 year old father??!!! This happened in UK and guess what d followup news for the next coupla days.......dont think u'll guess it right (other than the ones who live here) was all about 3 other boys aged between 14-16 claiming that they are the real father of the child, as they too slept with the same girl........yes, you are hearing it right.......This is what made it to the headlines of almost all the major news papers in UK last week for 2/3 days........
It was 15 year old Chantelle steadman gave birth to a baby girl Maisie roxanne on 13th Feb and Alfie Patten, 13 years old claimed he is the father......the worst thing of all, that the media claimed that he is not the youngest dad in UK as the record was held by someone else - Sean stewart, who became father when he was just this link

The irony of this, alfie and chantelle were sleeping together in her room in her house with her mother living in the very same house, and when asked her mother coolly says, she doesnt know they were sleeping together or in a this link


Now that 2 other boys claimed that they are the real father of the child, with doubts cast on Alfies elder brother too, Alfie announced that hes ready for DNA test to prove that hes the original father.......Is this what the culture of the current world is......we are not talking about teens as in 18 teen or 19teen or 20's....we are talking about 12-16 year olds......what kind of parenting is being adopted in bringing up these kids.......Is this where the world is headed to?????
And the worst of all, many in UK are eagerly waiting for the DNA test results to know who the actual father is......i have no doubt that there will be betting going on this topic too, alongside football........

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Radical Westerners!!!!!

I was firstly shocked of the BBC news that a Dutch MP is refused entry into UK, when i read the news article

I was shocked to know about what this MP did to receive such treatment. By the way UK havent decided on refusing entry implying that what Mr.Geert Wilders did was wrong, it did to safeguard its own country's peace and stability, as Mr. Wilders presence in UK and public appearance will endanger public and would be a security issue......
To understand what Mr. Wilders did, you gotto see his film " FITNA", please copy and paste the link

I was shocked and horrified at the way the movie demonstrates "Quran" as a book that preaches terrorism, violence and hatred, by showing few verses of the Quran. Am reading Quran and was shocked to see this hate propoganda against Islam, as Quran has 114 Suras and aprox 6236 verses and any person with commonsense will understand that one cannot and shouldnt judge a religion on the basis of just few verses. The irony of the day is, these are the very same verses used by the Radical islamists like Al qaeda, to create hatred against non muslims and now the Western world is using the same to stereotype Islam and its followers as Terrorist.
If law of land is same for everyone, then i think UK should ban Mr. Wilders, as he is no different from other Islamic hate preachers......

Am not a supporter of violence in any name or form......but looking at the way the world is turning around, the way common people are thinking, i can see the future world painted in red, with bloodshed far as i know, no religion preaches hatred or violence against innocents. Its the humans who twist and turn the religion to fulfill their own political agenda - be it Christianity's crusaders, Islam's Mujahideens or modern day Hindutva's Senas........
Though am not a believer in current worlds religions, all religion preaches one common thing - LOVE!!!!!God loves you and you love him and others alike. Lookslike people of the world stop thinking on their own and thinking the way few others (selfish, radical minded people) wanted them to .......wakeup people.....garam cha pilaoon????