Friday, 25 December 2009

Hijras......who r they?????

I was bemused with an article on TOI about a supreme court judgement in Pakistan,,,,pls read:
I actually wanted to wright about this, but this news article did sparkled d fire inside....I have encpouhntered "Hijras" in couple of occassions, in 1997, when i went to delhi to attend my freinds sisters wediing, enroute delhi n kolkatta on train in AP.....
Am writing on my limnited knowledge...
1. males who have more secretion of female hormones (that they started liking men)
2. Womenn who have more secretion of male hormones (that they started liking women)
To me, both are NATURAL PHENOMENON, though i dont agree with it much, due to my religious upbringing..........I cant imagine an animal being homosexual, neither have i seen any proof of it....
To me both the cases proves to be HOMOSEXUALITY........
Its just that our society is not ready to accept Homosexuality ( both legally and societally), that they became classified as HIJRAS.... Which is sad n deeply disturbing!!!!!
Unfortunately, most of the time i post smething on my blog, its wen i get bit drunk....not toally drunk, but getting there. this means, am not happy with my English ( as am not that gr8 with my language ) and i fell very free to write about things the way i feel.....rather than d way otherswill like ( though thats d way i hve been brought up....)

By moving back to the topic, i cldnt digest that the sup-reme court of Pakistan, chaired by Iftikhar chowdary suggested soimething for HIJRAS, rather than analysing and solving the problem for the existence of HIJRAS ( as they dont have any official stand - Male / female )......
Am not sure, whether i am making any sense with my post........

Monday, 19 October 2009


I was shocked and bemused when i saw this news on TOI
I am very much concerned with 3 issues on this whole episode....
1. How could the firefighters took the elevators, be it to tackle or thier way back after putting off the fire.....clearly neglecting and ignoring the guidelines of their training, not to use the elevators - following which, this tragedy wouldnt have happened
2. How come the teams of firefighters didnt have any mode of coomunication - Mobiles or Walkie talkies....which would have saved those 6 lives
3. This incident happened in abuilding, where the firebrigade was called for the second time d same night..once 30 minutes past midnite and later 30 minutes past 3 in the morning....this is very disturbing to me. Mistake can happen once, repeating it again, that too within hours of the previous incident....I amnot saying or blaming that the fire was put on maliciously, its my worry and anger on our SOCIETY's CARELESSNESS......First time, its an accident, second time, fire, same cause (fire crackers), same place, within hours of the previous fire incident.........not acceptable.
what kind of society are we????when are we going to own up n grow???When are we going to start following rules and guidelines???when are we going to change????How many lives are worth the change???????

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Whos ugly??????

I am not sure how many of us would have heard about Susan Boyle than Danny boyle, the oscar winning director of Slumdog millionaire.
Susan boyle, is a 47 year old lady, who made it to the headlines and a sensation now in Britain and around the world, with her video audition on Britains got talent have been the highest viewed video ever on the internet, that too in just 9 days. What makes Susan boyle so special????Its the shock that we get, after seeing the video, that makes it so special. The shock is not due to the talent that she gots, because we being normal human beings, get carried away with hoe a person in physical appearance, taht too when you see someone on a stage auditioning for a programe like "Britains got talent", we expect someone young, smart, good looking (who defines this???!!!! I dont know), etc., But we dont expect someone like Susan boyle walking into the stage.
Is it physical appearance that important??I sometimes keep asking this question time and again, as i generally get carried away with Beauty (again who determines this is a big question with no answer!!!!) The sub continent where I come from, the culture is so that Beauty, as in physical appearance is given top most priority, and this is true with our gods too.....everything has to look nice, look good??!!!
There is no appreciation of true beauty, which is in the nature, as in iam not talking about the greenery or landscape...i am talking about people, their mannerisms, their voice, the way they speak or walk or do things. Though we all are aware of the saying "BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES THAT SEE", we tend to ignore or forget it. Time and again, we need people like Susan to wake us all up......
Have reproduced an article by Tanya on The guardian and also here is the link of Susans audition on Youtube.

It wasn't singer Susan Boyle who was ugly on Britain's Got Talent so much as our reaction to her
o Tanya Gold - The Guardian, Thursday 16 April 2009

Is Susan Boyle ugly? Or are we? On Saturday night she stood on the stage in Britain's Got Talent; small and rather chubby, with a squashed face, unruly teeth and unkempt hair. She wore a gold lace dress, which made her look like a piece of pork sitting on a doily. Interviewed by Ant and Dec beforehand, she told them that she is unemployed, single, lives with a cat called Pebbles and has never been kissed. Susan then walked out to chatter, giggling, and a long and unpleasant wolf whistle.

Why are we so shocked when "ugly" women can do things, rather than sitting at home weeping and wishing they were somebody else? Men are allowed to be ugly and talented. Alan Sugar looks like a burst bag of flour. Gordon Ramsay has a dried-up riverbed for a face. Justin Lee Collins looks like Cousin It from The Addams Family. Graham Norton is a baboon in mascara. I could go on. But a woman has to have the bright, empty beauty of a toy - or get off the screen. We don't want to look at you. Except on the news, where you can weep because some awful personal tragedy has befallen you.

Simon Cowell, now buffed to the sheen of an ornamental pebble, asked this strange creature, this alien, how old she was. "I'm nearly 47," she said. Simon rolled his eyes until they threatened to roll out of his head, down the aisle and out into street. "But that's only one side of me," Susan added, and wiggled her hips. The camera cut to the other male judge, Piers Morgan, who winced. Didn't Susan know she was not supposed to be sexual? The audience's reaction was equally disgusting. They giggled with embarrassment, and when Susan said she wanted to be a professional singer, the camera spun to a young girl, who seemed to be at least half mascara.

She gave an "As if!" squeak and smirked. Amanda Holden, the female judge, a woman with improbably raised eyebrows and snail trails of Botox over her perfectly smooth face, chose neutrality. And then Susan sang. She stood with her feet apart, like a Scottish Edith Piaf, and very slowly began to sing Les Miserables' I Dreamed A Dream. It was wonderful.

The judges were astonished. They gasped, they gaped, they clapped. They looked almost ashamed. I was briefly worried that Simon might stab himself with a pencil, and mutter, "Et tu, Piers, for we have wronged Susan in thinking that because she is a munter, she is entirely useless." How could they have misjudged her, they gesticulated. But how could they not? No makeup? Bad teeth? Funny hair? Is she insane, this sad little Scottish spinster, beloved only of Pebbles the Cat?

When Susan had finished singing, and Piers had finished gasping, he said this. It was a comment of incredible spite. "When you stood there with that cheeky grin and said, 'I want to be like Elaine Paige', everyone was laughing at you. No one is laughing now." And it was over to Amanda Holden, a woman most notable for playing a psychotic hairdresser in the Manchester hair-extensions saga Cutting It. "I am so thrilled," said Amanda, "because I know that everybody was against you." "Everybody was against you," she said, as if Susan might have been hanged for her presumption. Why? Can't "ugly" people dream, you flat-packed, hair-ironed, over-plucked monstrous fool?

I know what you will say. You will say that Paul Potts, the fat opera singer with the equally squashed face who won Britain's Got Talent in 2007, had just as hard a time at his first audition. I looked it up on YouTube. He did not. "I wasn't expecting that," said Simon to Paul. "Neither was I," said Amanda. "You have an incredible voice," said Piers. And that was it. No laughter, or invitations to paranoia, or mocking wolf-whistles, or smirking, or derision.

We see this all the time in popular culture. Do you ever stare at the TV and wonder where the next generation of Judi Denchs and Juliet Stevensons have gone? Have they fallen down a Rada wormhole? Yes. They're not there, because they aren't pretty enough to get airtime. This lust for homogeneity in female beauty means that when someone who doesn't resemble a diagram in a plastic surgeon's office steps up to the microphone, people fall about and treat us to despicable sub-John Gielgud gestures of amazement.

Susan will probably win Britain's Got Talent. She will be the little munter that could sing, served up for the British public every Saturday night. Look! It's "ugly"! It sings! And I know that we think that this will make us better people. But Susan Boyle will be the freakish exception that makes the rule. By raising this Susan up, we will forgive ourselves for grinding every other Susan into the dust. It will be a very partial and poisoned redemption. Because Britain's Got Malice. Sing, Susan, sing - to an ugly crowd that doesn't deserve you.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Humanity neglected by the entire world, in terms of the murdering of the civilian Tamil population in the north east Srilanka. What is happening in Srilanka is the modern genocide of minority Tamils by the Sinhalese in the name of fighting terror......How will the International community justify killing or massacering thousands of civilians for the lives of few hundreds of LTTE???dont get me wrong, i am not the supporter of LTTE, who is a terrorist organisation for most of the world. But in the eyes of most ( not all) of the Srilankan tamilians, they are the freedom fighters, who are fighting for their equal rights and liberalisation.....How come, LTTE, a freedom fighting organisation become a terrorist organisation is a big question....did they conducted Al qaeda like attacks on innocent civilians around the world? that the international communtiy termed them as terrorist organisation, that the GOSL made use of it in justifying its massacre of civilian tamil population.....two incidents, masterminded and executed by LTTE outside of Srilanka ( Padbanabha & Rajiv gandhi murder in India) which concluded that LTTE is a terrorist organisation in India, later with Indias persuasion, the international community categorised them as terrorist organisation...
No war or dispute can be fought with the might of power, as in military power. The examples lies in front of our eyes -
1. Afghanistan - US CIA trained and armoured Taliban to fight against Soviet invasion during the cold war, now turned against the International society as a terrorist organisation in the name of Al qaeda
2. Srilanka - India supported and trained LTTE, now turned against it, by killing its leader Rajiv gandhi and now termed as an international terrorist organisation.
Are we not learning from our mistakes????Or is it just that we are turning a blind eye to it???When Israel attacked West bank, stating Hamas as a terrorist organisation and it is hunting them down, they massacred hundreds of civilian palestines. How did the International community reacted to that, in statements, in negotiations, in finding a solution to the conflict.....But what are they doing, when Srilankan Army is massacring thousands of innocent Tamil civilians in the name of fighting terror (LTTE), the international community and the media are turning a blind eye to it......Are we all so cruel, that we cant see the things happening around us, cant we see the civilians being massacred, are we ignoring the racial genocide of the tamil population???
I am no way justifying the way, LTTE fighting its freedom war, by suicide bombings and killing innocent civilian sinhalese no way war or military might will result permanent peace. We have seen it from the past, but we presume to be ignorant of it. Armed response will result in future terrorist strikes affecting generations........
Srilanka Government might get hold of the entire srilanka, with its military might (with the help of Indian armed forces), but the fight for freedom in the minds of Tamils, cant be erased or defeated....which iam witnessing here in London for the past 2 weeks, that individuals are fasting till death till the problem is resolved, people protesting peacefully in front of the British parliament for International community to act immediately, individuals, students, elders, kids and entire families, braving chill weather, rain or sun, day and night.....let their resolve win....Let peace prevail in the world......Let there may be no more organisations like LTTE or Al qaeda be nurtured or supported for individual county's interest......

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Where is the WORLD heading to???????

Last week the news to hit all the English dailies are about a 15 year old mother of a new born child and the 13 year old father??!!! This happened in UK and guess what d followup news for the next coupla days.......dont think u'll guess it right (other than the ones who live here) was all about 3 other boys aged between 14-16 claiming that they are the real father of the child, as they too slept with the same girl........yes, you are hearing it right.......This is what made it to the headlines of almost all the major news papers in UK last week for 2/3 days........
It was 15 year old Chantelle steadman gave birth to a baby girl Maisie roxanne on 13th Feb and Alfie Patten, 13 years old claimed he is the father......the worst thing of all, that the media claimed that he is not the youngest dad in UK as the record was held by someone else - Sean stewart, who became father when he was just this link

The irony of this, alfie and chantelle were sleeping together in her room in her house with her mother living in the very same house, and when asked her mother coolly says, she doesnt know they were sleeping together or in a this link


Now that 2 other boys claimed that they are the real father of the child, with doubts cast on Alfies elder brother too, Alfie announced that hes ready for DNA test to prove that hes the original father.......Is this what the culture of the current world is......we are not talking about teens as in 18 teen or 19teen or 20's....we are talking about 12-16 year olds......what kind of parenting is being adopted in bringing up these kids.......Is this where the world is headed to?????
And the worst of all, many in UK are eagerly waiting for the DNA test results to know who the actual father is......i have no doubt that there will be betting going on this topic too, alongside football........

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Radical Westerners!!!!!

I was firstly shocked of the BBC news that a Dutch MP is refused entry into UK, when i read the news article

I was shocked to know about what this MP did to receive such treatment. By the way UK havent decided on refusing entry implying that what Mr.Geert Wilders did was wrong, it did to safeguard its own country's peace and stability, as Mr. Wilders presence in UK and public appearance will endanger public and would be a security issue......
To understand what Mr. Wilders did, you gotto see his film " FITNA", please copy and paste the link

I was shocked and horrified at the way the movie demonstrates "Quran" as a book that preaches terrorism, violence and hatred, by showing few verses of the Quran. Am reading Quran and was shocked to see this hate propoganda against Islam, as Quran has 114 Suras and aprox 6236 verses and any person with commonsense will understand that one cannot and shouldnt judge a religion on the basis of just few verses. The irony of the day is, these are the very same verses used by the Radical islamists like Al qaeda, to create hatred against non muslims and now the Western world is using the same to stereotype Islam and its followers as Terrorist.
If law of land is same for everyone, then i think UK should ban Mr. Wilders, as he is no different from other Islamic hate preachers......

Am not a supporter of violence in any name or form......but looking at the way the world is turning around, the way common people are thinking, i can see the future world painted in red, with bloodshed far as i know, no religion preaches hatred or violence against innocents. Its the humans who twist and turn the religion to fulfill their own political agenda - be it Christianity's crusaders, Islam's Mujahideens or modern day Hindutva's Senas........
Though am not a believer in current worlds religions, all religion preaches one common thing - LOVE!!!!!God loves you and you love him and others alike. Lookslike people of the world stop thinking on their own and thinking the way few others (selfish, radical minded people) wanted them to .......wakeup people.....garam cha pilaoon????

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Unsung Hero.......

Indeed i borrowed (stealed??) this title from a freind, Richa, from who's posting i came to know about this unsung hero and his final editorial on the true situation of Srilanka....Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunghe, founder and editor of The Sunday Leader, one of the leading news papers of Srilanka was shot dead by unknown assailants in broad daylight on 8th Jan' 09 and the police are yet to identify or arrest anyone in this regard, i doubt they will catch any.....Lasantha, knowing that one day, his time will come to be assassinated, wrote this editorial to be published after his death. Thanks to Richa, from whom i came to know about his editorial, which clearly picturises the situation in Srilanka and what the people are going through - the sinhalese, the tamils and other minorities........Thought its worth sharing with others, thatsy posted this......
You can read Richas blog following this link:
or follow this link for the complete editotial on The Sunday Leader:

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Amendments to CPC......

I dont know how many of us are aware of the amendments that were passed quickly in the parliament along with the amendments in Terrorism act and NIA act.......The truth is, the government have made few amendments to our Criminal Penal Code act, wherein this is how the new law liberalises the arrest provisions:
* Section 41A (1) says that in all cases punishable with imprisonment up to seven years, "the police officer may, instead of arresting the person concerned, issue to him a notice of appearance."

This is ok for a petty crime, but the amendment has a wider influence on crime, as it states that all cases punishable with imprisonment up to seven years, which includes - KIDNAPPING, SEXUAL MOLESTATION UNDER CUSTODY, etc.,.......

With the new amendment to the CPC, the police officer cant arrest an accused on cases punishable with upto 7 years of imprisonment, wherin, the officer to serve an appearance notice to the accused and wait till the expiry of the notice to arrest him.....I can understand where all this originated, as the law makers want to avoid the cops using the petty crimes to take on personal vengeance in arresting people.....but the amendment they made have wider consequences, as it doesnt specify any petty crimes, it just says any case punishable with imprisonment upto 7 years. How much practical it is to serve notice to an accused in our country, where no records are right.....starting from the ration card, drivers licence, vehicle registration to voters ID card, where the adress mentioned/recored is not updated.....such an amendment was passed along with NIA act on the aftermath of Mumbai terror attacks, where the Oppossition was completely co-operative with the governments action in the not sure how much thought have been given to this amendment by our elected politicians (MPs) in the parliament, before passing this to the President for approval ( a record 17 minutes, according to Times of India), which Ms.Patil is gonna sign n approve in due course.............
When are the politicians gonna wake up.......will the new year, new dawn bring sme changes?????gotto wait n see......