Saturday, 18 April 2009


Humanity neglected by the entire world, in terms of the murdering of the civilian Tamil population in the north east Srilanka. What is happening in Srilanka is the modern genocide of minority Tamils by the Sinhalese in the name of fighting terror......How will the International community justify killing or massacering thousands of civilians for the lives of few hundreds of LTTE???dont get me wrong, i am not the supporter of LTTE, who is a terrorist organisation for most of the world. But in the eyes of most ( not all) of the Srilankan tamilians, they are the freedom fighters, who are fighting for their equal rights and liberalisation.....How come, LTTE, a freedom fighting organisation become a terrorist organisation is a big question....did they conducted Al qaeda like attacks on innocent civilians around the world? that the international communtiy termed them as terrorist organisation, that the GOSL made use of it in justifying its massacre of civilian tamil population.....two incidents, masterminded and executed by LTTE outside of Srilanka ( Padbanabha & Rajiv gandhi murder in India) which concluded that LTTE is a terrorist organisation in India, later with Indias persuasion, the international community categorised them as terrorist organisation...
No war or dispute can be fought with the might of power, as in military power. The examples lies in front of our eyes -
1. Afghanistan - US CIA trained and armoured Taliban to fight against Soviet invasion during the cold war, now turned against the International society as a terrorist organisation in the name of Al qaeda
2. Srilanka - India supported and trained LTTE, now turned against it, by killing its leader Rajiv gandhi and now termed as an international terrorist organisation.
Are we not learning from our mistakes????Or is it just that we are turning a blind eye to it???When Israel attacked West bank, stating Hamas as a terrorist organisation and it is hunting them down, they massacred hundreds of civilian palestines. How did the International community reacted to that, in statements, in negotiations, in finding a solution to the conflict.....But what are they doing, when Srilankan Army is massacring thousands of innocent Tamil civilians in the name of fighting terror (LTTE), the international community and the media are turning a blind eye to it......Are we all so cruel, that we cant see the things happening around us, cant we see the civilians being massacred, are we ignoring the racial genocide of the tamil population???
I am no way justifying the way, LTTE fighting its freedom war, by suicide bombings and killing innocent civilian sinhalese no way war or military might will result permanent peace. We have seen it from the past, but we presume to be ignorant of it. Armed response will result in future terrorist strikes affecting generations........
Srilanka Government might get hold of the entire srilanka, with its military might (with the help of Indian armed forces), but the fight for freedom in the minds of Tamils, cant be erased or defeated....which iam witnessing here in London for the past 2 weeks, that individuals are fasting till death till the problem is resolved, people protesting peacefully in front of the British parliament for International community to act immediately, individuals, students, elders, kids and entire families, braving chill weather, rain or sun, day and night.....let their resolve win....Let peace prevail in the world......Let there may be no more organisations like LTTE or Al qaeda be nurtured or supported for individual county's interest......

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