Thursday, 18 December 2008

Most hated man on earth!!!!!!

Every one have been talking about Osama - The most wanted man on earth.......But have anyone thought about The Most Hated Man On Earth??????Who else can better qualify none other than George W Bush, The US President. I think he is the most hated man by many, any where in the world, including by the americans......
This was well revealed, when "Booting the Bush" incident happened during his recent visit to Iraq....what a farewell gift he got, that he will not forget till his death......two shoes thrown, one after the other by Muntazar al-Zaidi, an iraqi journalist; it was a spectacle to watch again and again.....Tell me frankly, how many would have thought that atleast one shoe should have hit Bush......i was one among them. And am not alone in this, my colleagues from various countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and ofcourse India, almost everyone was thinking of the same.....its not just we south asians, i was amused at how some of the Britishers, whose conversation i overheard in the underground while going to work, also felt the same, that atleast one shoe should have hit......I think the feeling wouldnt be different among Russians or Chinese, with what constitutes almost 1/4th of the worlds population, including Indians, didnt want the shoe to miss its target......but,what a miss.....a miss, i think Mr. Al-zaidi is going to regret his entire life.....But now hes a hero, he is gaining support day by day from almost the entire arab world.....I was reading a news on some Arab is ready to buy one of that shoe for 10 million $s.....lookslike the price is gonna shoot sky high in the coming days......
So hereby I announce this prestigious award of "THE MOST HATED MAN ON EARTH" to George W Bush.........Congratulations Mr. Bush........

Note: For those of you, who havent heard abt this or wanna see this again please watch on d link


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Legislative Orientation!!!!!!

I was amused at the news about the 3 day orientation programme for first time legislative members carried out at IIM Bangalore as jointly organised by the State legislature and IIM-B.......Is this happening in India????I am finding it hard to believe, but when i saw Mr. Abdul Kalam giving the inaugaral speech, i cant think it off as a is happening for real....
The target was given to IIM-B to formulate the 3 day orientation programme and they choose non other than our beloved ex President Dr. Kalam to give inaugaral speech, which is very impressive and motivating. The whole concept is about motivating the new legislatures to be Effective in management and development of their constituencies....Dr. Kalam did spoke on development and also on how to lead a corruption free life and the legislatures took oath to lead a corruption free life.....(cant really say how many will adhere to it, as there were quite a few old school legislatures who were sleeping or scratching their heads, uninterested and busy on their phones during this 3 day programme....)
IIM did quite a bit research on legislative work and gave a power point presentation on how effective the legislatures could be if they meticulously plan and execute their duties......No wonder Bangalore is the IT hub of India and it proved the fact again that it is for contemporary development in politics too......
the effectiveness of this programme can be judged only after a few years of work by these MLA's & MLC's who attended the programme....Neverthless its a good beginning.......Hope the other states follow suit........

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Victim of terror!!!!!!!

I was totally confused with Pakistans political establishment reiterating again and again that Pakistan itself is a victim of terror. I dont think any one will disagree with this statement after seeing what is happening in Pakistan in the past few years, including the assassination of Ms. Benazir bhutto. Any sovereign country is entitled to self defence, so a state which is victim of terror have the right to defend itself from terrorists. And its the governments duty to safeguard its citizens from terror. But what surprises me is, so far, the political establishment of Pakistan is trumpeting again and again that they are victim of terror and trying to seek sympathy from the international community, without any concrete action against these terrorists. Are these terrorists coming from outside of Pakistan????which is not the case, then it shows complete inability of the government of Pakistan in controlling and administrating its territory. So its now the People of Pakistan, who need to take action against such political establishment, which doesnt have complete control of its territory, else if situation gets worse, the international community will step in, which will not do any good to the region......
If the government of pakistan says its the victim of terror and it wont allow its territory to be used by terrorists, then it should take action in dismantling or destroying the training camps in POK and arrest those who spread hatred and vengeance in the name of religion......Now is the time for the government of Pakistan to get into action and take control of its terrritory, else suicide bombings will keep happening and Nato supply trucks will be burnt n destroyed, any terrorist activity in neighbouring country will happen....All this will lead to international invasion of pakistan, which will do no good to the nation or the region........Wakeup Pakistan!!!!!!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Tragedy of Mumbai Terror!!!!!!!

Yesterday there was this news piece on NDTV, one of my favourite news channel, about one of the tragic story of a victim of Mumbai 26/11. This is about a 2 year old girl - Sheetal, whos still in hospital recovering from the injuries of the terror attack. Her mom got injured and her dad died in the shooting at CST station. The irony of the whole story is, the deceived mans brother collected the compensation cheque and the death certificate from the widow Sunita yadav and ran away and Sunita doesnt want to file complaint against her brother in law.......NDTV covered this whole story of tragedy as Sunita cant go to her in laws house and her dad giving a statement saying, he have brought her up, got her married and thought his responsibilites are over, now he have no other choice than take the burden of supporting her and the child.....This is the sad situation of woman in our society. There is still this concept of Girl child being a burden and the responsibility gets over once you get her married.....
What makes me worry more is the fact that NDTV telecast this story and instead of using its mighty power and connections in the police force to locate sunitas brother in law and get her compensation back, have requested viewers to send in money for the rehabilitation of Sheetal and her mother Sunita. Will money compensate the loss of her husband, will it rehabilitate her???If her brother in law can run away with a compensation cheque of Rs. 50,000/-, imagine how many people will think of stealing off her rehabilitation money, that NDTV viewers are sending in......Is this the only family that needs rehabilitation???Arent we worried about numerous other families who lost their livelihood because of this terror. Instead of collecting money for just one family, a trust should be formed and the money should be routed in educating victims like Sunita with skills that will help her to stand on her own feet and give a good life to her child, Sheetal.
And what sort of compensation is this???Rs. 50,000/- for a life that is lost????i received a mail forwarded from a freind of mine few days back on the same topic of compensation announced by the government for the families of people who lost their lives, especially to the security personnel which is 5,00,000/- and the award money given to our Olympic medal winners, which is half this any way justified????I have no regrets for the award money given to the Olympic medal winners, as they made our nation proud and we have won Individual event awards for the first time in ages....But the compensation to the families of the security personnel, who lost their lives serving teh country, safeguarding the lives of other citizens shouldnt be equal or more than that of the Olympic winners??????

Sunday, 7 December 2008

For change - VOTE BY NOT VOTING!!!!!!!

Thanks to Arun, who told me about the constitutional provision for a voter "to vote by not voting" understand this better, please read this article by Mr. Gnani, a Writer, Journalist, Film maker and Theatre artist in his website WWW.GNANI.NET. Heres the artice on 49 O


“O Podu” is a social awareness movment.

“O PODU’ means “cast the vote”. Voting is both the right and duty of the people. Another objectiveof our movement is to make people aware of their constitutional right to cast their vote under sedction 49 ‘O’.

On an average, in every election, nearly 45 percent of the eligible voters don’t vote at all. Therefore even if a winning candidate bags 30 percent of the polled votes, it amounts to getting the support of only about 16 percent of the total electorate. If more and more non voters begin to exercise their vote, the result of many elections would drastically change.

Why are many people not voting at all ? One of the usual reasons cited is that they are unable to accept any candidate and don’t want to vote for anyone of the available candidates.

It is a unique feature of our Indian constitution that it has provided the leagal right to the voter to reject all the candidates. Section 49 ‘O’ of the Election rules 1961 , has empowered the voter with this right.

This section has conferred the right to the voter toinform the booth officer , after the indelible ink mark has been marked, that the voter does not want to vote for any of the candidates. The section requires the booth officer to record the voter’s choice of 49 ‘O’.

“O PODU” movement will campaign for the following demands :

1. Every voter should cast the vote. Failure to cast the vote only prevents enhancement of the standards of politics.

2. If the voter feels all the candidates are unworthy, the best ay to communicate this view to the political parties is not through abstinence. The best method is to record this view through 49 ‘O’.

3. Secrecy of ballot is a right conferred on the voter by the Constitution. But the election commission’s procedure of notkeeping 49 ‘O’ voting as secretive, amounts to a violation of this right. Therefore the Election commission should rectify this anomaly by introducing a separate button for 49 ‘O’ in theelctronic voting machines, for the forthcoming Tamilnadu elections.

4. It is the duty of the Election commission to educate the booth officers about the availability of 49 ‘O while conducting classes to them on polling procedures. The present practice of booth officiers expressingignorance about 49 ‘O’ and refusing a vote to record under 49 ‘O’ should be totally eliminated.’

“O PODU” movement is now campaigning among voters, particularly the youth , seeking support for the above demands, by use of posters, pamphlets, meetings, T shirt messages, e mails and SMS.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

We the people choose our leaders????!!!!!

couple of days back i was chatting with a freind of mine in US, Richa and casually we started discussing about the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai and its effects on our country. Its the same old story of blaming the politicians of being corrupt, inefficient, unaccountable...and so on. then i asked her this question - how many times have you voted, the answer was none.......not surprising, i did it only once.....and the answer she gave was the fact that theres none whos eligible to choose, so rather than voting someone for the sake of doing it, i just dont.......shes from UP and the only choices available are Mulayam or Mayawati.......its the same case with me hailing from Tamilnadu and we have seen it over decades, it was Karunanidhi and MGR before and it is Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha now......theres no other choice!!!!this is the same case with every region in the country and in the national level BJP is the only other party that have emerged as an option to congress.....This is the reason the educated never vote, as far as i only the uneducated, who just go by the false claims and promises of the politicians.....or else what kind of democracy is this, wherein only 60% of people votes and of which a party securing 30/35% of vote one gets the point that the 40% who didnt vote, which is actually the majority doesnt want any of the candidates or party that fought the all we need is reform in our democracy, in our election process. There are no educated youths willing to enter politics, though they want to bring in change because, the basic requirement to fight election is money and party power...and it is very difficult for any educated youth to join a party and grow within the party gaining confidence of the high command and bring in change the way political system works....the best example is of the "Lok Paritran Party" - the party fromed by ex - IITians, who wanted to bring in change and fought elections in 2005, but they all lost and lost their deposits will you inspire the educated youth to bring in the change that the country urgently deserves in these circumstances....
The only way forward is Election reforms.....We should have on the voting ballot, a separate box other than the candidates and their symbols, which is for people who dont want any of the candidates to be elcted or they dont think any of them deserve to be elected.....instead of the invalid vote which exists in our system now......And if there are more % of votes cast in this column, the Election commission should cancel the election and call for fresh election and nominations....this way the Tata teas "" awareness could be effective, with more people come to vote - not to choose, but to reject the fielded candidates....this will invariably motivate and help the aspiring youths, who are passionate towards bringing a change, to contest elections.......Will any government or political party dare to bring in this reform......only time will answer!!!!
So the irony of the fact is, India being the largest democracy in the world, actually dont have a proper democracy and the statement that " Elected by people" is a joke.........

Friday, 5 December 2008

Candlelight vigil for Mumbai victims!!!!!!

HI all
Yesterday there was a Candle light vigil organised here in London by Sewa International, an organisation which strives to serve the South |Asian community in UK. I got a mail couple of days before the event, inviting me to take part and thought that i will some how adjust my shift n go, luckily had my weekly day off yesterday and went ahead as planned. The event was just outside the Canary wharf tube station, which is the financial hub of London. Though it started at 17.30 hrs, i reached a bit late and soon took sme pictures and joined the crowd. It was a mix of people, with predominantly Indians with quite good number of Britishers too joining in, as this was apolitical vigil for Peace and to show solidarity with the victims of the terror in Mumbai. No one gave any political speech or shouted any slogans, it was a very peaceful vigil for almost an hour and at 18.30 everyone left their candle in a row, paying homage to the victims of the deadliest terror attack ever on Indian soil.
I watched the other candle vigils that was coordinated throughout the country in many metros, including Mumbai, where there was a huge rally and everyone, mumbaikars from all walks of life have come down to pay homage to the victims and also sending a strong message to Politicians and the government that "Enough is enough".....though there was huge outcry against politicians and how corrupt they are and the mood was unanimous that they want change......i totally agree that everyone wants a change, but everyone wants the change to be brought in by the other person......the truth is, the change should start with us - The People.....How many of those people who attended these candle light vigils, who work in government offices will be willing to change, as in work without taking any bribe??????we want our politicians not to be corrupt, but we the people dont want to change ourselves. If the people change, stop taking bribes, the terrorist wouldnt have obtained fake fishermen ID cards and would have never madeit to Mumbai, wouldnt have obtained SIM cards, wouldnt have got any information on any place or person......its time for us - The people to wakeup and change ourselves first before asking for change in others. Will the people change????only time will answer........
My next observation was to the demand by the public in all these rallies to attack the terrorist camps in POK and some even demanded an attack on Pakistan. I can understand their anger, some have lost their dear ones, many have their dear ones injured and everyone are scared of living a peaceful life........But is that a wise option for Government of India?????Yesterday i was chatting with one of my closest freind and he too want us (India) to attack the root, the terrorist camps in Pak, like how Israel does in Palestine on Hamas camps. It is possible, but will it yeld permanent peace???Actually, will dd more fuel to these fundamentalist ideas and more and more people from rural Pakistan will be moored in by these fundamentalists and will turn them against India as Mujahideens.......more and more pakistanis will be willing to give their lives to do anything against India, which is not the case now, as majority of the people of both the countries wants peace and development. Rather, Government of India should use its mighty diplomatic power to pressurise Pak govt to act on the evidence that we provide against these terrorists and their camps in Pakistan. We should submit all the concrete evidence to the world and unite the world to pressurise pakistan to act.....As we all aware the state of Pakistan, as they themselves are fighting terrorism, as there are quite a lot of fundamentals, who dont like Pakistan army fighting hand in hand with US in war on terror, thatswhy there are so many suicide bombings and the best example is the killing of Ms. Benazir bhutto. The Civilian government doesnt have full control on its army and ISI, both of which have their own agendas in the way they this -

We live in the world where religious terrorism have spread across borders and it have gone to the extent that it is very difficult to eradicate. The only way forward is to be resilient and dont blame any religion or sideline a particular communtiy. The government should do its job of protecting the citizens of the country, by tightening the security across borders, setup emergency response infrastructure in major cities and zones throughout the country, strengthen local police with training and proper modern equipment, so information gathering is very efficient and there is co ordination between security agencies in sharing and acting on information. More armed police or army on the streets is more scary,as if we are in a battle zone like Srilanka or Israel or Afghanistan..........the aam aadmi also have a role to play in reporting any suspicious activity to the local security agency, rather than giving statements to news channels about their earlier citings and suspicions on the terrorists after they have done their job of causing damage and fear in the society.........
My point is, the people should wakeup and dont just take part in candle light vigil, but be vigilant in day to day life and inform of any suspicious activity to the respective agency.........with hope for change and peace..........

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Marathi manus!!!!!

I have heard about blogging and this is my first attempt blogging. I think this is the best way people can express themselves and can argue, discuss and learn about various things in day to day life and can get connected to like minded people. Since this is my first blog, thought will give a brief introduction of myself before getting into my thoughts, so that every1 reading can understand what influenced my thoughts....
Am a Indian, born & broughtup in Tamilnadu, with nativity extending to Nandolike, a small village near Udupi in Karnataka. Did hotel management and have worked in five star hotels in chennai and now working in London as a chef.
After looking at all the things that happened post 26/11 in Mumbai and the aftermath reaction throughout the country, thought will express myself on my thoughts. Like any other Indian living abroad, i kept track of whats happening in my home town and the political circle in the country. was glued to news channels for the past few days since 26/11 and was shocked, angry and frustrated with our political administration in our country. First of all my condolences to the families, who lost the invaluable lives of their family members, neverthless to mention the brave hearts of our defence forces that includes the personnel from Mumbai police force to the NSG commandos. I was shocked to see the words uttered by the deputy CM who holds the home ministry of the state, Mr. Patils statements and his choice of words and later by the action of CM himself, visiting the terror hit spots like Hotel Tajmahal accompanied by his actor son and Film director & producer Ramgopalverma.......and he just offered to resign, havent resigned taking responsibility.........
The Union home minister Mr. Patil took responsibility of this incident only after his party forced him to do so after the cabinet meeting. And am not even impressed with the Prime ministers address of the nation after 26/11, he was just reading from the script without any emotion......dont get me wrong, that i am supporting BJP or Advani, i was amused myslef with the first reaction of BJP& Mr. Advani on 27/11 saying we leave politics behind and will support the government in tackling terror. But what he did later, he didnt even flew with the PM from delhi, he and his party president didnt even attend the all party meeting convened by PM for future actions, citing elelction campaign.......b**lls**t..........forgive my language, but got to express my feelings.
I was even amused by the news today that there will be more force added to NSG with more personnel and 3 aircraftss....what is this for?????NSG is a medicine to cure a disease, in this case terror or emergency. this is the action of the government of India........any civilised government will think of preventing such incidents from occuring, rather than cure. they will thinking of strengthening the police force, strenghteing our border vigil (both land & sea), strengthen our information bureau in effective gathering and sharing of information, creating public awareness and making government agencies that are accessible to general public.....but we chose to think only of the NSG commandos, who are based in one place currently in Delhi, and took hours for them to reach Mumbai, cos they didnt had a designated aircraft of their own for travel.......dont we all say n believe in "Prevention is better than cure"........
And what have all the coastal state governments done with the available central funds to improve coastal this articel -

and what the central government did about it, NOTHING..........

Why , we people of India got to wait for some incident like 26/11 in Mumbai to happen losing so many innocent lives, to wake up and question the politicians and their governance.......think its hight time, the literate wake up and start expressing themselve and educate others on whats happening around us, in our society, in our country.........

Oh, by the way, i completely forgot and carried away with my thoughts.....why i intended to name this blog " Marathi manus".....this is to the so called saviour of Maharashtrians - Mr. Raj Thanckeray and his MNS workers.........where were they, when Mumbai was attacked??????am not a fool to expect them to fight agianst armed and trained terrorists, we have trained and armed security force for that......what did the so called Marathi saviour Mr. Raj thackeray and his followers did all these days is my question???? did they arranged food and water to the tiresless security personnel who guarded all the terror strike places like Nariman house, Taj or Oberoi, or did they provided support to the Print and Media personnel, who covered the entire episode day & night for all of us to see, or did they volunteered to help the doctors in various major hospitals in Mumbnai, that treated and handled the victims of this terror, or did they donated blood to the victims of this incident........If they have done any one of this, i would have accepted them as a genuine MAHARASHTRIAN SAVIOURS..........Will Mr. Raj thackeray or MNS representative respond to this????????