Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Victim of terror!!!!!!!

I was totally confused with Pakistans political establishment reiterating again and again that Pakistan itself is a victim of terror. I dont think any one will disagree with this statement after seeing what is happening in Pakistan in the past few years, including the assassination of Ms. Benazir bhutto. Any sovereign country is entitled to self defence, so a state which is victim of terror have the right to defend itself from terrorists. And its the governments duty to safeguard its citizens from terror. But what surprises me is, so far, the political establishment of Pakistan is trumpeting again and again that they are victim of terror and trying to seek sympathy from the international community, without any concrete action against these terrorists. Are these terrorists coming from outside of Pakistan????which is not the case, then it shows complete inability of the government of Pakistan in controlling and administrating its territory. So its now the People of Pakistan, who need to take action against such political establishment, which doesnt have complete control of its territory, else if situation gets worse, the international community will step in, which will not do any good to the region......
If the government of pakistan says its the victim of terror and it wont allow its territory to be used by terrorists, then it should take action in dismantling or destroying the training camps in POK and arrest those who spread hatred and vengeance in the name of religion......Now is the time for the government of Pakistan to get into action and take control of its terrritory, else suicide bombings will keep happening and Nato supply trucks will be burnt n destroyed, any terrorist activity in neighbouring country will happen....All this will lead to international invasion of pakistan, which will do no good to the nation or the region........Wakeup Pakistan!!!!!!!

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