Friday, 12 December 2008

Tragedy of Mumbai Terror!!!!!!!

Yesterday there was this news piece on NDTV, one of my favourite news channel, about one of the tragic story of a victim of Mumbai 26/11. This is about a 2 year old girl - Sheetal, whos still in hospital recovering from the injuries of the terror attack. Her mom got injured and her dad died in the shooting at CST station. The irony of the whole story is, the deceived mans brother collected the compensation cheque and the death certificate from the widow Sunita yadav and ran away and Sunita doesnt want to file complaint against her brother in law.......NDTV covered this whole story of tragedy as Sunita cant go to her in laws house and her dad giving a statement saying, he have brought her up, got her married and thought his responsibilites are over, now he have no other choice than take the burden of supporting her and the child.....This is the sad situation of woman in our society. There is still this concept of Girl child being a burden and the responsibility gets over once you get her married.....
What makes me worry more is the fact that NDTV telecast this story and instead of using its mighty power and connections in the police force to locate sunitas brother in law and get her compensation back, have requested viewers to send in money for the rehabilitation of Sheetal and her mother Sunita. Will money compensate the loss of her husband, will it rehabilitate her???If her brother in law can run away with a compensation cheque of Rs. 50,000/-, imagine how many people will think of stealing off her rehabilitation money, that NDTV viewers are sending in......Is this the only family that needs rehabilitation???Arent we worried about numerous other families who lost their livelihood because of this terror. Instead of collecting money for just one family, a trust should be formed and the money should be routed in educating victims like Sunita with skills that will help her to stand on her own feet and give a good life to her child, Sheetal.
And what sort of compensation is this???Rs. 50,000/- for a life that is lost????i received a mail forwarded from a freind of mine few days back on the same topic of compensation announced by the government for the families of people who lost their lives, especially to the security personnel which is 5,00,000/- and the award money given to our Olympic medal winners, which is half this any way justified????I have no regrets for the award money given to the Olympic medal winners, as they made our nation proud and we have won Individual event awards for the first time in ages....But the compensation to the families of the security personnel, who lost their lives serving teh country, safeguarding the lives of other citizens shouldnt be equal or more than that of the Olympic winners??????

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