Monday, 19 October 2009


I was shocked and bemused when i saw this news on TOI
I am very much concerned with 3 issues on this whole episode....
1. How could the firefighters took the elevators, be it to tackle or thier way back after putting off the fire.....clearly neglecting and ignoring the guidelines of their training, not to use the elevators - following which, this tragedy wouldnt have happened
2. How come the teams of firefighters didnt have any mode of coomunication - Mobiles or Walkie talkies....which would have saved those 6 lives
3. This incident happened in abuilding, where the firebrigade was called for the second time d same night..once 30 minutes past midnite and later 30 minutes past 3 in the morning....this is very disturbing to me. Mistake can happen once, repeating it again, that too within hours of the previous incident....I amnot saying or blaming that the fire was put on maliciously, its my worry and anger on our SOCIETY's CARELESSNESS......First time, its an accident, second time, fire, same cause (fire crackers), same place, within hours of the previous fire incident.........not acceptable.
what kind of society are we????when are we going to own up n grow???When are we going to start following rules and guidelines???when are we going to change????How many lives are worth the change???????

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