Wednesday, 2 June 2010

NaBloPo|Mo - Day 2

Todays topic is - "What's your favorite poem? (And if you don't have one, why?)"
Poem and me......I never had interest in poems and seriously i dont know why....All the poems, that i have read are from school as part of curriculum, and was compelled to do so,as, if i dont learn them, there was no scope for passing or scoring marks.........I dont have a favourite poem perse, but love poems that have a strong meaning. Unfortunately all the poems i like are of Tamil, especially the ones that i studied in school. Off all, i would say "THIRUKKURAL", by ancient poet Thiruvalluvar, my favourite. As it contains 133 chapters covering all aspects of life - from creation, god, love, anger, greed, sadness. truth, etc., and each chapter with ten poems of 2 line each. All these poes are are of 2 lines,with very strong and logical meaning and message. Though the actual era of this poet and the time of this poem is undecided, it covers all asects of life, which is still relevant to our times......

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Richa said...

Hmm... can't comment much on Tamil poetry.

I am still waiting for day 3. what happened?