Friday, 5 March 2010

Road safety!!!????

I was astonished and amazed at how much rules are followed by the enforcing officials and the general public, when it comes to road safety, especially with regards to vehicles. I landed in Chennai airport in the early hours of Saturday, my dad came to receive me with a friend. So we got all my bags in to the car and headed to Ranipet, my hometown, 120 kms from Chennai on Chennai-Mumbai NH4 and that’s when this shock struck me……it was 0300hrs and pitch dark and the highway was filled with mostly trucks transporting goods from Chennai port to Bangalore and other parts of the country. Of all the trucks that we passed or overtook, 9 out of 10 didn’t had the tail lights ON (either its not working or its not there at all……) and the worst part is, they don’t even have any light reflecting stickers……I was thinking aloud – “Where is road safety???” Its one of the utmost necessary and a must in any vehicle, especially in a vehicle like trucks, which are known for serving logistics to so many industries by transporting goods throughout the country, day and night.

Where were all the law enforcement agencies??? what are they doing??? Starting from the Truck owner, whose responsible for having Tail lights in place for the safety of his drivers and other road users….

RTO, which officials are supposed to check all the safety aspects in a vehicle before authorising it for road usage…..Traffic cops and the highway patrol crew, whose job is to ensure that all the highway users are adhering to the traffic rules, have all the safety measures in place with respect to their vehicles and drivers, etc.,

No wonder, there is so many deaths in India due to Road accidents……India is growing as a country with no value for human life…..Such a sad state of affair…….

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