Monday, 8 March 2010

Ode to National Highways Department!!!!

The other day, I wrote about road safety and how trucks and lorries, ignore the basic road safety measures of tail lights or light reflective stickers during night travel…….yesterday I travelled from ranipet to vellore and today I went to sholingur and back, both small towns and was totally amazed at the commendable work done by the Highways department….These small roads connecting two rural towns, was so well maintained with all the road safety measures in place – like, good road, proper sign boards, etc.,

But the best part was about the light reflectors on the stones planted on road sides and also on the trees on either side of the road. It looks so beautiful in the night, as they glow reflecting the head lights. The beauty is, all these light reflecting stickers (on trees) and on d road borders are of STAR shape, so it looks lovely in a pitch dark road with all these glowing stars on the sides, giving an effect as if you are riding in space……

I have travelled many times in these roads since my childhood and last I travelled these routs were 2 years back when I was on vacation, so I could make out the huge difference the highways department have achieved, from what it was before….

Hope they put such measures into action all across India and maintain it well….

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Srividya Padmanabhan said...

Very true Gopal. In fact I would say I am proud of the National Highways department for the work they have contributed. This time we travelled about 5 cities in India and apart from the trips that we made to the smaller cities in India like polachi and valparai in Tamil Nadu, Rengunda and tirupati in Andhra, Satara and Kolapur in Maharashtra. I can't complain of any of these roads.We really had an amazing trip irrespective of how we travelled be it in Auto, local buses or taxi.

Mumbai I cant stop talking abt it..... Yes there are loads of Toll's but the roads are worth it. Felt like no more potholes in India :)