Saturday, 6 March 2010

Kalyugs spiritual leaders!!!!!

Paramahamsa Nithyananda………what a great guru, spiritual leader, enlightened human being, who shares his wisdom and knowledge to his disciples for the benefit of the human kind!!!! All went into drain after Sun TV exposed his affairs with one of his women disciple (An actress) on National TV couple of days back….This is what occupied all the regional news channels in Tamilnadu and Karnataka, with Nithyananda absconding, his angry disciples and some of the party members ransacking all the Ashram branches, burning his effigies, posters and pictures…..all expected, knowing the southern states politics.
My dad was introduced by one of my friend to this organisation and was very much mesmerised with Nithyananda’s speeches, Sat sanghs, Yoga sessions….each one costing him Rs. 1000/day and in whole he have spent 8K so far and was about to visit his main ashram near Bangalore next month. Though being a good orator and got immense knowledge on spirituality, Nithyananda lost the trust of thousands of his disciples. I have heard from freind of my friends that, he charges 1K for shaking hands, 5K for hugging and taking picture with him, 25K for self realisation course in Bangalore for IT professionals.
I have no problem, if 2 adults get sexually involved with mutual consent, as it’s their personal affair, but people like Nithyananda, who claims himself to be “Paramahamsa”, Have a social responsibility to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Unfortunately, nowadays, this rule doesn’t apply to many of the self proclaimed spiritual leaders in the country. Just 2 decades ago we had “Premananda”, again a self proclaimed Guru, who raped his women disciples and got imprisoned for 40 years, found guilty of rape and murder. 5/6 years ago, it was Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt, who was charged with planning the murder of one of his dissident follower and the case is still on, with probably few more years before judgement. Last decade we had, the self proclaimed Kalki Bhagwan, who got a huge ashram near Chennai, was framed with charges of drug peddling, rape and hypnotising his women disciples to take sanyas… Though all these incidents were well covered in the headlines by media, people tend to have selective amnesia, that they blindly fall for the tactics employed by such people….I don’t know, whether it is mainly due to the change in culture in the Indian society, that we no more live under one family umbrella, that we don’t have any one to share our feelings and seek guidance, that we fall prey to such cunning criminals….or is it that our life have become so materialistic and the fast city life, that have resulted in making us so vulnerable internally, that we easily fall to the words uttered by such persons, though we have heard the very same words from our ancient scriptures and history. I don’t know, when this thing is going to stop, when the people are going to stop blindly believing in such criminals, that they allow themselves to be manipulated………
I believe there is a big political nexus, without whose support and guidance, such people couldn’t have grown in such short period of time. And I think this is what shields them for so long from the eyes of law enforcement agencies……the best example could be “The Golden Temple” in Sripuram, near Vellore in Tamilnadu. The self proclaimed God, claims himself to be d incarnation of Goddess Durga, built a temple for goddess Durga, with full external gold covering. The saddest part is, this self proclaimed god person was schoolmate of my cousin in Vellore. This temple was opened just 2/3 years back, and within months of its opening, new approach roads were laid, special bus routes were approved, special buses were run on regular basis from Bangalore and Chennai….And because of all this, now this temple has become as popular as Thirupati Balaji temple. All this wouldn’t have been possible without Some Political party’s support……..

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